Sunday, June 28, 2009

Instead of Cleaning My Cluttered Office...

...I started writing some things I found in my head.

Friday evening
and all day yesterday, Mr. Carol For Peace & I attended a wonderful workshop about inquiry. Inquiry into the truth that lies beneath the things that we think. It was beautiful and real.

Today, I feel so happy to be home. It's sunny right now. The windows are open and I am delighted to be here.

I never say the word, "delighted". Does delighted mean that I have been relieved of my light?

I watched the little fox this morning. It appeared that he was moving away from something or someone, because he ran across the street, then stopped, turned around, and was looking back toward where he came from. I just admired him as he stood there. He has long legs and a beautiful, perfect, slim body. Rust colored hair. A big white tip on his tail. If I only had that one moment of life, the moment that the fox and I stood still, me watching him, it would be enough.

Friday night, we ate broccoli out of our garden. It was as delicious as my teenage memories of praline ice cream.

Here is what is in front of me right now, on the stand that holds my computer monitor:

A perfect little shell that I found on the beach when I was on Whidbey Island last month.

Three little glass stones - a clear one, a light blue one, and a dark blue one. I don't remember from whence they came (I don't say "from whence", either, but this is fun!).
Where DID these mystery glass spheres come from??? I do like them.

Two small rose-colored rocks from the desert - memories of the place where I feel free and at home.

A grommet with a square of tarp attached to it. It'sa piece of the tarp I used during my last vision quest. Our tarp is our protection from sun and rain, but this grommet broke free as I was setting up my solo area, in pounding wind, for my three day inward journey. I had a moment of desperation before I figured out a trick to make it all work. I keep this grommet in front of me as a reminder that I have resources and strength which I can draw upon when needed.

Two different little Buddha statues. One is Quan Yin, Buddha of Compassion. She is blue and she absorbs light, then glows in the dark. Hmmmmm... that's a nice thought.

We have had rain and more rain here the past few weeks! Green Mountain, which is usually green only from about April through May is still a beautiful shade of jade now at the end of June. I feel like I live in the Emerald City!

Buddha, the dog, is slowing down immensely and he is only able to walk on the flatlands. When it's not too hot. And when the sun is low in the sky. And after 1/2 hour, we are walking very, very ssssslowwww. He has always been my teacher. Now he is teaching me to slow down. I'm not always a cooperative student.

A book is calling my name now. There is not much worse than ignoring the call of a good book!


  1. Wonderful post with neat updates. Thanks, Carol.

    Alex sends his blessings to his pals Buddha woofie doggie & Ms. Kitty.

    Are you hiking today?

  2. Glad you didn't clean your office, much preferred your thoughts and from whence they came!

    Say hi to Mr CFP and the Buddha dog


  3. Thanks, Nick!

    No, we didn't hike. We just stayed home and enjoyed the slowness of the day.

    Boodie and Kitty say woof and purrrrrr to you and Alex.

  4. Dancing,

    Me too! ;-)

    Hi to Mr. Dancing from our household!

  5. It has been warm and dry!
    Your blog is so uplifting and refreshing to read!

  6. A & N,

    Thank you!

    And thanks for sending us your rain (but sorry that you don't have it - unless you don't want it, in which case, never mind!)